Thursday, 18 July 2013

hand sewing makes me want to buy fabric

This is my year of actually sewing from stash, and downsizing said stash. Other years I've said I want to but not actively worked at it.

On Sunday and earlier this week I really really wanted to buy fabric online, and the only reason I didn't was that I'd spent all my fun money until payday.  I think my urge to buy more fabric was brought on by an internal desire for a quick fix while doing endless yards of whip stitch hemming. More than 4 and closer to 5 yards of it.

No wonder I'm trying to avoid finishing the regency skirt.  . In fact I'll leave that until after Steamfest.

I can also see why almost all the working class women in illustrations had shorter skirts, you need them to be! I also decided not to attach it to a bodice but more of a braces style waistband. Several times during Saturday I had to hitch up the skirt I borrowed from faerie-mistress, so a sort of braces would be much more useful

I've got my mind focussed on not buying more wool fabric for a working class regency skirt, and must continue to be strong. That handsewing, yikes it makes me crazy.

I may not have mentioned but all my fabric is spreadsheeted, into different categories too. The volume reached the tipping point of being fine to Too Much last year, around the time I got too sick to get much done.  Then that huge stash became a millstone and not a sail in the wind. 

I'm now down to 818m after adding 2 large pieces to my suitcase to give away.  Plus 3m cotton organdy for my corded petticoat that just arrived and will be cut up this weekend. Also I need to get approx 6m of royal blue cotton for the Ma Dola costume. Both of these are going to be made in the next 2-3 weeks so won't add to the total for long.

Once I've made up the 6m of steampunk1 and 5.5m of steampunk2 plus 1m coutil for a corset, my total will be down to 805.5m.  Plus I'll be using some metres of white cotton to make a petticoat for Ma D.

Yep, my inner data nerd is waving in celebration.  I think I'm winning the battle!

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