Wednesday, 3 July 2013

my crochet inspiration & yarn selection

 finally tracked down my inspiration pic for my blanket, and the original is for sale on etsy :

I've ordered some more wool from Bendigo in 8 ply classic.  The colours I've picked are Maize, Aster, Blueberry, Celery and Guava.  I'm going to make much larger blocks - 1 round Maize, 2 rounds aster, 1 round blueberry and 1 or 2 of celery, maybe 1 round of Guava, plus a joining round of it.

Lastly, although I have a full set of aluminium crochet hooks - teeny tiny to large - I'm going to get a bamboo one for this. It'll be more comfortable to use for such a large project, ie not cold in winter.

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