Saturday, 17 September 2016

Other half size patterns in my stash

The lobster fabric arrived so quickly from the east coast of the USA, despite oddly being tracked going to/from Jamaica.  I could afford to let that amuse me as the deadline for needing this fabric isn't until February next year.  I pre-shrank it today, so whenever I'm ready to sew, it is too.  The crays (crayfish/lobster) are more orange and less red than I expected, but shopping online has this risk and it's not going to stop me from using it - though I'll need to be very careful to make sure I wear the right makeup when I wear the dress. I think I'll make this version button through the front rather than just the bodice.

I have other half size mail order patterns in my stash that I had to pick from when planning the next 9 months dresses.  All of these I bought at affordable prices - I find most mail order pattern designs to be great every day styles. Not the cutting edge of fashion from the day, but they suit my sewing purposes well.

These are the ones that haven't been selected so far.

and these aren't half size but over time I added these to the stash because they appealed.

and a couple of larger size petticoat/slip patterns - I need to make one of these soon


  1. ohhh The top left! Like the first pattern. I LVOE that!

    1. I'll have to get myself organised properly & copy it for you!

    2. They're all awesome though.. :D... And I wouldn't try and get that done for me, you've got heaps of stuff on at the moment.. <3

    3. I'll get there ... even if it isn't until afer I move when I can set up my sewing room with a TV/monitor and do this stuff while I watch something.