Thursday, 15 September 2016

The foot improves - I can have a sewing day

I've had 5 treatments of my foot in 15 days (2 specialised massage & 3 with Kathleen the foot guru) and it's significantly better.

I'm going to my sewing guild group on Saturday, and will use my left foot on the pedal.  I need to remember to bring the cocktail fabric & pattern pieces to work tomorrow so that I can cut them out on the long meeting room table.  It'll be faster & easier on my foot doing this on a board room table that seats 12 people than on a smaller one at home.

I don't think I'll get my georgian costume done in time for St Ives, but I'll give it a go. I had thought to do some sewing each night, but I needed to ice/rest it most nights. I'd rather have a shorter injury time and miss out on fun things.


  1. Glad your foot is getting better. Where would I find the "foot guru"? My husband has plantar faciitis and not having much relief with exercises.

    1. The person who fixed it for me 8 years ago, and who I'm seeing again is Kathleen Furey at Sydney CBD Health at 343 George St (opposite Martin Place). The massage guy (I've been seeing for other stuff and my regular appointment was before I could see Kathleen) is at Newtown (Myocentric Remedial Massage). He has the same name as a famous actor.

      I'll be really clear - treating it really hurts though they both make every effort to reduce that. Really REALLY hurts but I don't feel like I can scream so I laugh hysterically. I'd rather get through it and recovered, cos PF hurts constantly in the end.