Tuesday, 6 September 2016

rethinking my next dress - cocktails not mermaids for September

I'm enjoying wearing my new dress to work as well as my wonder woman inspired dress, so am rethinking the plan to make up the mermaid fabric next.

I have an 8 metre length of 150cm wide inky dark blue cotton with a cocktail themed print - lime slices, martini glasses - that I can probably wear on a more casually dressed Friday.

So I think I shall do it. I'm going to frankenpattern with a different neckline/collar on the same pattern as my strawberry dress. Time to preshrink it so that i can cut it out soon.


  1. So I should make mine up, and we can wear them at the same time? :D

    1. my kindle fire kept eating my reply. Yes, please do that! Team Cocktail Frock must represent.