Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Syd'nova and Winterfest costume checklists

Just to make sure I don't forget something essential over the next 3.5 weeks.  Strike through = done

wig - must get a wig comb & tidy it up
chemise - need to cut, stitch
bodice - need to 2nd toile, cut, sew. (ooh, must order grommets)
skirt 1
skirt 2

wig - have 2 being commissioned into 1. dye or spray my hair dark auburn
chemise (or chemisette) - find voile in the stash. check whites tub
dress - stitch 1st toile, alter pattern, stitch dress - possibly dye darker
bag - maybe embroider a fish on it?
shoes - decide on which to use
possible scarf - perhaps a length of silk chiffon?

working class 1806
cap & hat

chemisette - linen (can hand hem neckfrill at lunchtime {shudder}
bodiced skirt - the pale blue linen has already been dyed
short gown - in stripe wool. short version of Past Patterns
basket with wine jug
 edited to add: cloak
So tonight I'll sew together Catelyn's mockup (must get extralong zip from stash), and see how it needs to be altered.  Plus pattern up the 2nd hobbit bodice toile. And look in the tub-o-white to see if I put the unbleached voile in there, and I may make it a chemisette to make my life easier.
Tomorrow at lunchtime I can cut out the hobbit chemise, and at night I can sew the 2nd hobbit bodice toile and start the chemise (all those long straight seams for the win!)

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