Monday, 10 June 2013

hobbit chemise is nearly complete

Tonight I spent a hideous half hour re-threading my overlocker from scratch.  There's one tricksy part with the lower looper, ie the first thread to be done, and it took multiple goes, two needle nose tweezers and a deep seated relief that I had no alcohol in the house.  I would have resorted to drinking some and it would have taken even longer.

Anyhoo, all is well I only have the neckline and sleeve hems to go.  Here's the hem being belted around. I overlocked and turned it up, and eyeballed the hem all around.  It's an under layer and in theory only seen by me. Hopefully I don't end up in emergency, and if I did the last thing they & I are concerned with is that I overlocked a costume hem that isn't on view.

Yes, I need to work on the overlocker tension as it's a smidge tight, but *underwear*.  Do I sound like I'm trying to convince myself ;)

Oh yes, I'm using Burda7156, a little shorter, and definitely shorter sleeves. I needed to cut it out of 3m of 112cm wide, as I needed 1m for a fichu (neck scarf) for my working class regency. I thought the sleeves looked crazy wide, & they were. I took 13cm (5") out and they're still puffy.

Oh, and my dreadful attempt at photos of my tv screen (my netbook doesn't have a cd/dvd drive so no screencapping ability).  Look at the ugly cap on this woman. -shudder-

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