Thursday, 6 June 2013

stashbusting for the corded petticoat

aiyyy, much as I'd love to be buying cotton organdy for my corded petticoat, I'm not going to.  I gave myself a mental headslap as I've 3 lengths of white hanky-weight linen in my stash. I've got 5 linen chemises already and even if I make a bodiced petticoat with one length, that still leaves 2 sitting waiting to be used. And are money already spent!

Corded linen petticoats are period so I need to just do it! Lunchtime tomorrow I'll go to the knitting shop in the city and get some heavier crochet cotton to use so that I have all the things, and can start it as soon as my Winterfest sewing is done.

Yesterday i didn't get anything sewing done, I've a mild headache that's been around for a few days. And I worked late, which is good as I need to make up time already taken. By the time I got home at 7.30pm I was tired, grumpy, hungry and my inner toddler was in ascendency. Time for takeaway, avoiding the news/interwebs cos of that stoopid sports match that was on which I have zero interest in. Along with an early to bed to get some zzz.  Except I had a crap night sleep due to being woken up by neighbours etc. Oh and I remembered dreaming - an anxiety one where I had so many deadlines and the only way I could finish everything was to do a bit of everything each day.  Oddly enough just like my real life scenario.

If I can do a couple of rows of my corded petti each day then I won't be spending my week's holiday before Steamfest sewing endless row after row of cording.


  1. Yeah, I too am really trying to sew from stash this year. The only time I really run into problems is when I am trying to do a character and have nothing suitable or I need to buy the matching and trimming fabrics for my big projects.

    On that note, changed my plans for the ACG ball and the ensemble that I am doing comes from stash. YAY ME!

    1. GO you! I suddenly realised I should just use what I have, as I can buy more white linen if I need it in a couple of years. Any any leftover from the corded petti can be used for a chemisette.

      I've got soooo much fabric that I really should only need to buy trims

    2. and buy Ma Dola fabric. Gotta have that