Tuesday, 4 June 2013

getting things ticked of the to-do list

So yes I got an extra-long zip from the stash TICK, and sewed together Catelyn's mockup bodice TICK and have an idea how it needs to be altered TICK.  On the way to the tub-o-white fabric, I looked in teh costume fabric cupboard and LO, BEHOLD there was the unbleached voile TICK.

Not even on my ticky-list was preshrinking the unbleached voile BONUS-TICK, and selecting a stash fabric to flatline the bodice of Catelyn's dress BONUS-TICK.  That's preshrunk too! BONUS-TICK I want to flatline it as linen/cotton may stretch out and this will hopefully reduce that. Though it may be totally counterproductive to do that, so I'll ponder that a little longer while I get the mockup fitted.

I also did two loads of laundry (sheets and towels) BONUS-TICK

Sadly not ticked off was altering the hobbit bodice pattern MINUS-TICK.  Partly cos I'm flat & tired after today's "may not have a job in October" news.

There aren't any photos of the mockup to share, dagnabbit, as I have 'misplaced' the memory card for my camera.  And I need the photos myself so that I can evaluate how the back fits.  Though so I don't have to wait forever, I may take it to work and ask a colleague to do some pinning. I'm so grateful that I have someone who sews sitting near me now.

Time to put fresh sheets on the bed, and then get the chemise pattern/fabric/pins together and go to bed. Have a follow up with my endocrinologist tomorrow morning first thing so I have to be up and at 'em..

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