Tuesday, 5 March 2013

paper for pattern copying & alterations

Up until now I've been using unwaxed sandwich paper (on a roll from the supermarket) to copy patterns & do alterations.  But that means using the sticky tape far too often as once the FBA is done I need to sticky some on. Also sleeves, cos I've always had beefy biceps since way before I was overweight.

Ages ago - I think it was Jenni (Historically Dressed) who mentioned using IKEA's kiddy craft paper roll for patterning and it's taken me a very long time to get myself to IKEA and buy a roll of Måla paper and I also baggsed the roll holder. Even though my cutting/patterning table is covered in stuff and unusable at the moment it won't remain that way.

So for AU$7.99 and AU$14.99 I'm really happy.  The paper is 47cm (18.5") wide and 30m (32.8y) long and I can see through it enough to trace over but not so heavy that it's tricky to fold up.

I had also considered getting a roll of architects tracing paper, as that comes in varying widths. But, yes there is a but, it's usually much more expensive.  Using my google-fu I did find an 18" wide x 50yard roll at Jovian, for only $27.60 plus delivery. They also have the same paper in yellow.  So if I decide in the future to change to the longer roll of tracing paper, well it will still fit on the paper holder.

So what's lead to my rather waffling post:  I used the paper roll for the first time today to alter the bodice front of my 1939 Simplicity pattern and it was *wonderful* to not need to sticky tape paper wide enough!


  1. I posted a comment to this yesterday, but of course it didn't show up.. :|

    Jeff has suggested before that I get the roll and holder combo for drafting, but I kinda brushed it off, thinking that the paper wouldn't be sheer enough to trace through, but you're making me reconsider, especially since I don't want to spend a fortune on tracing paper.. :|

    1. I can send you a length of the paper so you can see if it'd work for you. I'm liking that this isn't so thin that the pencil tears the paper. Though I may get a roll of the tracing paper via Jovian.

    2. I just checked the postage from them & it's a smidge under $11 for the roll, so about $39 for a 50m roll. This reminded me that $8 for the 30m craft paper was a good deal!

    3. Awww you're so sweet. xoxoxoxox