Thursday, 28 March 2013

a week of summer in autumn

The past week or so we've had better weather than we had in our cold & wet summer, it's been over 30C (86F) and *humid*.  So when I've got home & turned the fan on, I didn't get cool enough to start steam pressing almost 4m of curtaining. Not even with the fan on!

So even though it's been only around 6C warmer than usual it's the humidity that sucked badly.  It's going to be cooler over the easter weekend, thankfully. I can't measure & stitch the heading tape on until I get them pressed, so I'm going to give it a red hot go to finish & hang them.

I'm also going to spend a day clearing up all the messy spots that are heading to hoarder level, including my armchair.  That stuff might just get boxed up & put in the storeroom until I have the energy to deal with it.  On Monday night I put all the uncut fabrics that were upstairs into a tub & stored it downstairs, and they filled a 50litre one! (13 US gallons).  That's just crazy of me to have brought that much up, considering my productivity is so slow at the moment.  I also took down my giant ziplock bag of hobbit sewing. At least that's all together for when I can tackle it (which might be for Supanova in June).

I'm not going to fill the weekend with doing things, as I had a migraine yesterday. I love that sumatriptan stops the headache, but not that it turns my brain to mush.  I had to go home as I wasn't making any sense at work, and I slept the afternoon away.
My long weekend is going to be used to get my home back to company-ready (not show home level) and get the new curtains up, with a couple of recovery days to recharge my batteries.

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