Friday, 22 March 2013

2 years & a bit ago, I flash mobbed

yes, not my usual post but a little bit of history for me.  I studied music at school, and loved singing in the choir.  It's something I've come to miss a lot, and once I retire I'll join an amateur choir as I'll have time for another interest.

So just over 2 years ago friend asked if i was interested in joining a one-off flash mob choir for some celebrations at The Rocks. There were quite a few music stages up & down the street for Australia Day. 

So I downloaded the rehearsal m3 track for soprano, and the word sheet (not scored) and went to the big rehearsal. 

The known choir was on stage and we were seeded into the crowd to join in.

I'd embed the video from youtube into this post, but blogger doesn't seem to want to find it. {grrrr}

Here's a link instead:  "Bury me deep in love" at The Rocks in January 2011.

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