Thursday, 28 February 2013

ribbon trim selected at a distance

The selection of silk ribbons locally is the narrow embroidery stuff that's carded with a couple or 4 yards, and nothing wide enough for this.  So I've ordered a 15m roll of silk ribbon from Cam Creations, and I'm hoping that I picked the right blue. I didn't want pastel and royal would be wrong too.  So fingers crossed it blends in nicely once I have it in my grabby hands.  Then I'll be compelled to start sewing it, which should be quick. Though not as quick as if I stuck to the pattern.

At least the fiddly shaped, appliqued neck facing is the type of fiddly stuff I enjoy doing.

I started mentally flip flopping on my fabric choice, and trying to self-justify buying something else. Cos yes, this colouring is no longer as flattering as it used to be, but hey I need to use what I have and it's loungewear for a spinster who lives alone.  I have a vast and diverse stash of fabrics, nerdily spreadsheeted into categories, so I know I have high hundreds of metres.  I'm trying to use and not buy this year. Firstly cos I just have so much that needs and wants to be used. Secondly, it's money that I don't have to spend as it already has been. Surviving on fresh/frozen fish & fruit is unsuprisingly a spendy thing. I'd planned to pay off the nastycard this year but seem to be throwing $$ at food every week. Tinned fish is tolerated once a week, more than that and I get the squiffies.

But the compulsion to buy was strong in me, and I ended up trawling fashionfabricsclub and finding some lawns & light-weight cottons that might suit me better and I put a couple in the shopping cart, plus samples of more.  I managed to talk myself down to one yardage +samples,  and waited a couple hours. When I went to order it the servers at work were having issues & it timed out.

Saved by technology.


  1. I would find spending money on food and paying off the nastycard a hard task too. However I'll give you a hug when I see you.

    A hug won't be the same as buying fabric. Nothing can compare to that.

  2. Your will is stronger than mine. I haven't done well so far this year with the use the stash thing. Although, my next Victorian outfit (after the one sitting on my lap) will definitely be made from stuff already bought. Including a black tafetta petticoat.. So this makes me happier. I also used buttons out of my stash for the 1890s petticoat, so that makes me happy too.

    1. did you buy purple camo fabric???

      At least you've been making stuff, whereas at least I've barely added, but sewn even less. like zero!

    2. I didn't buy purple camo fabric.. :)...

    3. Good for you for being strong!