Sunday, 17 March 2013

street hawkers - georgian or regency style

I've been looking for sketches etc of street hawkers and working class - or lower order - people so that I can have a better idea of what to make as a bum boater.

Here's a couple of blog links

Spitalfieldslife posts
-  Thomas Rowlandson's Lower Orders  and more Rowlandson's lower orders - these are quite fascinating
-  Pictures of Real Life for Children 1819 in which the milk maid seems to be wearing a regency short gown.
- William Marshall Craig's Itinerant Traders 1804 part 1  b&w
William Marshall Craig's Itinerant Traders 1804 part 2 ...mackerel and potato sellers plus other women..

I'm going to look at short gowns, and maybe a slightly shorter skirt on the bodiced underdress, seemingly the lower orders had ankles to show.  Thinking that the streets weren't like today and hems muddy quickly and some mud stains are hard to remove, it makes sense to be slightly shorter for working women.  Also not as full as some of my other dresses which at 3m (approx 3yds 1 foot) may be an extravagance I couldn't afford ... unless I sold lots profitable veg & booze.

I'm also searching for suitable bottles/jugs for my wares.

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