Saturday, 13 August 2016

Inspiration by Outlander, through others

My productivity isn't matching my inspiration, so I thought I'd better write the ideas down while I have them as they've been missing almost all year.

I've watched a few episodes of Outlander so far and the 1740s clothes are earlier than my fave decade in the 18th century - the 1780s.

The St Ives medieval fair is in September, and I'm aiming to make something inspired by Outlander though not scottish and more mid range instead of silk or peasant.  Prosperous middle class is my hope.  I definitely have the stash for it.

Years ago I bought some polycotton sheets (despite thinking that blend is an abomination) because I loved the print so much. This was way back in 1989 or 1990, so long before I did more than dream of making & wearing costumes. It's not historically accurate but it's good enough for a costume I'll be wearing in a possibly muddy field and not with a re-enactment group.

If you're not into niches in historical clothing you mightn't realise how mashing up stripes, prints & checks has been around long before, including the 18th century.  Jen of Festive Attyre had created a Pinterest board of them here 18th Century Mixed prints

I love this image from "An album containing 90 fine water color paintings of costumes." Turin : [s.n.] , [ca.1775]. In the collection of the Bunka Fashion College in Japan.

This one also from the same book owned by the Bunka, even though it's less clear if it's working class or middle. I suspect it's not working class - the lower hemline is my clue.

So please don't be shocked that I'm making a petticoat (these days we'd say skirt) from the yellow print at the start of this post, and a caraco (aka jacket as bodice) from this cotton in my stash. Using the JP Ryan's Ladies jackets pattern.

I've a check type neckerchief and a plain white cap to wear over a short wig (any wig is more to cover my own modern hair). I've a 1980s straw hat that I'm altering to be more like this 1750-60 hat in the UK National Trust  collection (at Snowshill, Inventory Number 1349843)

I'll need an apron, and new stays cos I wore out the old ones and possibly bumpad (aka no costume is complete without extra junk in the trunk). I already have chemise, pockets, shoes, and aforementioned neckercheif+cap

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  1. That's so neat. I love the mismatched style.

    And I know the feeling with the productivity falling short of inspiration. I should be much further along on one of my costumes and I've had to put it aside because I've had trouble getting into it despite loving the design and my progress. I know it won't be finished in time for the event in 6 weeks. :(

    But I'm looking forward to seeing you get this one done. I'm sending you hope for good mojo.