Saturday, 13 August 2016

Hoping to shop the stash for a zip

I felt a little foolish on Saturday at the shop as I looked for zips for the mermaid dress,  when I found that I very much do NOT like the tape on the new stock of Birch zippers. It felt horrible, and just like mugs or cups or fabric if I don't like touching it then I can't buy it.

I also wanted a darker grey than available , so I was hopeful that my stash has something suitable that isn't invisible. Or as it's a side seam zip, anything dark grey will be better than pale grey.

My tub of zips (top of this trio) is a little ridiculous in size but useful.

Sadly not useful enough in that the only long enough suitably dark gray is an invisible one that I've harvested from a worn out garment (still attached to a scrap of waistband). Next best is a purple slightly too long at 40cm or 16". It looks bluer in the photo than in reality where it almost matches the purple mermaid tail.

If I can't persuade myself to use the purple zip then I'm checking the usual suspects of Spotlight or Lincraft. Failing them, a trip to the asian owned fabric shops in Marrickville or Hurstville seems like a plan. If that doesn't work, then I'm considering ordering one from Zipperstop. It feels a little ridiculous to consider it, but as I know someone with the colour chart at least I know it'll be dark enough.

I've already preshrunk the fabric

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