Saturday, 1 March 2014

Stashbusting report for my year so far

I'm at 821.6m ... "down" from 817m which is a bit of a shocker. The main culprit is my failure to add 2 fabrics to my spreadsheet from November last year. One is a 10m piece of plaid linen for a victorian dress, and a 2m piece of linen rayon skirt weight. So that should have been 829m. Eep.

So clearly I'm further away from my target of 750m by the end of the year. It works out to around 6.6m per month if I buy nothing. And I have added a couple of pieces to my collection.

I do have a summer dress cut out (4m) and my March MAGAM will be another 4.5m used. That helps me get back on target.

I have another skirt to make - a grey linen/rayon (sort of a herringbone) that I'm going to make in the Decades of Style 1930s shaped seam skirt again (#3004). I just love wearing the style and have the fabric for it.

I fully intend to make another oouple of regency dresses - and my red cape and silk check parasol will help.

So my target for the end of March is 809.2m or 12.4m used this month.

If I had a picture to share it would have been the look of horror when I realised my catalogue error of 12m.


  1. I haven't finished my spreadsheet of my stash tally - I'm sort of scared to find out the total. But at least I'll be in good company - your stash is very impressive!

    1. You don't have too total it if you don't want to ... I had half the fabric when I measured mine up. I'd like to get back to that, though it'll take a few years.