Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hunting for a missing vintage pattern Anne Adams 2163

I haven't abandoned all hope of finding my missing vintage pattern (the Anne Adams dress).

So, I've bought a similar but different one to indicate what I think of that pattern going into hiding. As I sms-ed to a friend today "it's probably on a tropical island drinking cocktails without me".

One of the reasons I wanted to find it was not just to finally stop procrastinating but to enter the pattern review contest where you use a pattern brand new to you.  I've sewn enough years that I've used most of the ones I'm likely to. Though I do have Sewholic Renfrew to hand.

The other reason is that I want to make the dress!

Here's a pic of the new pattern winging it's way through the post to me, also Anne Adams #4483.

And it's my lucky day - I was looking for another ASG group ig could get to on the 2nd Saturday of the month, and Top Ryde meets then as well as on a Tuesday.  My motivation is that if I'm at a dedicated space then I get more done than at home where I might procrastinate doing housework (cos that is eternal) or trawling the internets. I know myself well enough that even allowing time for travel, going somewhere else is more productive for a whole day.  I'm happy to skip a sewing saturday if something better is on offer, but otherwise why not.  In fact I'd love to be able to go somewhere on a Sunday.  It comes from living in a bachelor flat ... I'm starting to find it cramped for sewing.



  1. Hi! Are you still looking for Anne Adams #2163? I just got in a box of vintage Anne Adams patterns that I have not put on Etsy yet. If you are stilling looking I will check all of them and see if I have that one.

    1. Thank you so much for asking ... but I found mine late last week. I'd put it in with a 1930s Evadress pattern (brainfail moment). What's your Etsy shop name ... I'll start watching as I really like Anne Adams, Marian Martin and the other mail order patterns of the era.