Monday, 17 March 2014

migraine averted, phew

Saturday at the sewing guild I realised that my numb brain was actually the beginning of a migraine.

I'd sat on the bus not even noticed that it had gone past my stop - how did I not see the bright pink facade of Remnant Warehouse?? I knew I needed an extra coffee, but even so I was more than a bit zombified and thankfully the migraine pill kicked in and I started to feel more human. However the pill stops the pain but leaves me a bit not-so-bright and it took me 2 hours to sew on the first waistband. I could have had both done in that time and moved on to the next thing I'd taken with me (ie regency things) but I continued to move at a glacial pace and shuffled home with 2 completed waistbands and a yoke-bodice partly cut out for the skirt of my short gown set. I couldn't risk sewing much else cos I wasn't smart enough to notice doing anything dodgy.

I'd had a flare up of a health problem during the week, and that plus far too early hormone-hell and the megrim means I've no idea where I put my wireless modem when I woke up from a "nap" on Saturday evening. I've one last section of my space to finish a clean up and it's likely there to be found.

I'm getting a new bed delivered tomorrow, and it was the motivation I needed to start my overdue decluttering. It was starting to slip past hoarder-lite to crazy. Dragging all my planned regency fabrics, patterns, shoes and then everything else out of storage at the same time was a ridiculous thing to do. Yes it sparked a creative & productive phase, but leaving it all out ends up sapping mental energy cos my home is too small for it.

I can post photos of my new skirts ... once I find that dang modem. Cos I can't upload my pics at work.

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