Monday, 10 March 2014

Lots of cutting out over the past weekend

I had a long weekend away, looking after friend's dogs while my friends were out of town. I started with the discovery that I had brought both pairs of computer distance specs with me, and not 1 of them and my reading/sewing distance specs. That meant it would limit my ability to sew for much - eyestrain = headache = not working on anything.

So, I figured that I could start on my UFO bib-front regency day dress. the back shoulder strap should have been tapered just a little rather than straight, so I needed to unpick it, and cut a new one. Second packing fail: I didn't have any of the cotton fabric I'm using as lining for both that replacement piece and for lining the short-gown set.

Rather than drive home I went to the nearest fabric shop (The Remnant Warehouse) and got a lightweight cotton, with a small self pattern woven into it. It's nice and tight-woven so I might even get a smidge more for my lazy-lacing stays. I also grabbed a small sample of a red linen-cotton to use as lining my red wool cloak. I'm not going to use silk, for the hood lining. Just cos. My plan was to pre-shrink the fabric as soon as I got home, but I ended up crashing out on the sofa for 3 hours and woke up with 2 dogs snuggled up with me. If I'd pre-shrunk that dang fabric then it would ahve been dry already for me to start cutting out.

I had definitely been tempted to drive to Marrickville and look at my fave fabric shop there, but (1) it would not have helped my down-stashing target for the year and (2) I knew I needed a nap and extra driving was not smart.

Instead I made a head-sash thingy to go with my Wonder Woman inspired dress, but it looked ridiculous on me and I couldn't be bothered trying to experiment with length & width. I suspect a longer wider one would have been better, but not sure enough to cut another one out. If I'd been at home I'd have raided my mock up fabrics and just cut a strip out & tried it. Next time gadget!

Saturday I started cutting out my 2 piece short gown. I guestimated how long the skirt section should be on the bodice, and hope it's a flattering length. I also cut wrist length sleeves, and hope they're ok. Of not I can always shorten them.

Third packing fail: my mock up of the Daffodown Dilly wrap stays - that I'm going to do as parasseuse
. From my dipping in & out of The Lady's Strategem a ribbed dimity was one of the recommended fabric. The cotton I got isn't ribbed, but it's light & tightly woven. I'll see how it goes.


  1. Looking forward to seeing end results.

    1. I hope it works out, but at least I know how to rescue the sleeves if they don't work.