Monday, 24 February 2014

wardrobing the UFO skirt & on a pattern hunt

I'm having to wardrobe the finished skirt for a little while - I've gained enough weight since my gallbladder removal that it doesn't fit around my waist/hips. I'm hoping to resolve that issue over the next few months, so haven't given up hope of wearing it this year.

The purple skirt will be fine, as it was cut out in January when I knew what was dealing with (girth wise). Toted to work to day was the next stashbusting skirt, a taupe-ish linen/rayon I bought in Adelaide in 2010. I'm using a pattern that I made up a couple of times in 2005, and it too as asymetric seam lines and this time an asymetric hem, McCall 4593

(here's a link to one for sale on ebay, cos I don't think I've got a pic saved of it elsewhere).

And the pattern hunt? The vintage Anne Adams pattern I want to use for a dress is hiding from me. I had it 4-6 weeks ago, but have zero idea where I put it when I got home from the sewing guild meeting.

Silly me.

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