Sunday, 21 April 2013

ebay helps out with accessories for re-enacting

whee, I got a pottery wine jug, about 18cm high (7"?) and a great shape for my bum-boater basket.

It' got a name, Sydney Town & date of 1795 on it but the seller think's it was made at "Old Sydney Town". That was a small open air museum recreating our early colonial settlement, and it closed back in 2003.  Lacking a car & having the worst of CFS/ME back then I never made it up there.  There's talk of it re-opening, and a campaign working on it. This would be fabulous, but I won't hold my breath just in case.

So I need to look out for a couple more grog bottles, and possibly a larger basket.

I'm thinking of using the paisley-ish fabric I got in Brissie last November to make a short gown & petticoat. I'm hoping it's enough fabric for both or another fabric will be needed instead. For this character, I'll make a plain linen bodiced skirt to go underneath. ie thin linen or cotton on the bodice.

 I think this would fit in nicely, as I've looked at all the (few) half-robe aka short gowns of the period. If I get a short gown & petticoat from my yardage I can wear this to other regency events as a morning ensemble.


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    1. I just couldn't resist it as soon as I saw it So using it this year will help me with stashbusting too.