Thursday, 18 December 2014

Not the parcel wrapping I expected.

Who'd expect this in the post - it's how my copy of Barbara Johnson's Album arrived, and clearly it wouldn't fit in my mailbox. How could I fault it's secure packing.  I wondered what was in it, and was hoping it was a mystery present. Still exciting though! Inside the sack addressed to me was the book in a corrugated cardboard book box, also labelled with my name.

The book is a big slab of a thing and as it's a fascimile reproduction of her album the household accounts are interesting too. From memory they're about 60 years older than the fabric swatches she glued over the top.Not on every page either.  Nice to see fabrics that I'd wear, even if not all of them are my choice.


  1. Ah the old Aust Post santa sack! They are the bane of our existance cos some places seem to feel the need to whack a whole lotta parcels in there. Then we have to find a way to undo the bugger and sort them. ;)

    1. It's the 2nd santa-sack in 20 years, and I found it hilariously over the top

  2. Hi,
    Please forgive my leaving this in a comment, I couldn’t find an e-mail address for you. I’m making an index of Australian sewing bloggers, which you can find here: I hope you don’t mind being on it- just let me know if you want to be removed. Thank you!