Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Don't forget to back up photo files etc

I've spent an evening backing up all my photos and other files after having a "moment" on Monday evening when I thought my netbook had died, and my last backup was January. I'd dropped it the night before and that's what killed my previous Little Red netbook. Before going to JAFA I'd also moved files from my camera memory card onto the 'puter so there were definitely panicky moments about losing the missing 2 months.

And the thought of having to download *again* a 2.3gb video file I'd funded through Kickstarter (episode 1 of a steampunk series).

Until I realised that although the charger cable was plugged into the machine and the wall the bit in the middle had come unstuck. Simply put, it had gone dead flat.

Last night I had swollen glands & was off my food so went to bed early. Tonight, I backed up all the photos. And that 2.3gb file! And all my ePub books that I've purchased. One of the vendors is out of business so I can't get those books back again.

So yes do your electronic housework on a regular basis!

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