Monday, 12 May 2014

a viral vector loose at work; and stash busting options for winter

I've been feeling less than ideal last week, which was my excuse for not making further posts about JAFA & Ironfest. I've lacked the enthusiasm needed, which is a little sad but a sign of a busy immune system.

I have been preshrinking my stashbusting selection of wool fabrics, a length at a time hung over my shower rail. Here below is a pic of what I raided from my winter cupboard. There's a piece of black superfine wool that needs to be included.  The print is a cotton lawn I bought a couple of weeks ago at Spotlight. There's rarely a geometric lawn, let alone in colours that suit me so I had to buy a shirt length.

I'm still dithering over what patterns to use, and perhaps my forced look at my pattern collection as I  emptied the drawers (for repair) has already inspired one choice. The skirt from the Butterick 6257 a retro re-issue of a 1948 suit. I've not quite decided what fabric to use but there's a khaki twill that would be fine. Though a stripe would enhance the 3 panels on the back, there's only one stripe fabric (a navy wool-rayon).

Back to the pattern cull - as my cutting table rests on top of the pattern drawers, it's currently covered in patterns and I need to bag them up while the PVA glue cures. Otherwise the cutting table isn't available and I need to cut out 3 to 4 skirts for a weekend of binge sewing.

Erm, in the interests of honesty today I discovered that 3 fabrics bought online hadn't been added to my spreadsheets, and they total 10.2 metres. Which takes my current stash total to 835.8m - which makes my target of 750m by year end seem very unlikely. I may need to aim for 775m instead.

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