Monday, 12 May 2014

backfilling - JAFA Friday night dinner

Friday evening was a re-wear event,  wearing my green silk evening gown from a couple of years ago with the green silk toque hat I made for a friends formal dinner later in 2012.

I didn't get many, if any, "nice" photos of me as I may have become rather silly that evening.  Starting with wedgie shots - my friends went along with the pose though they hadn't heard of the Regency Ladies Wedgie Society.

and then and I may have commenced shennanigans of the Godzilla re-enactment variety

and then a zombie outbreak afflicted proceedings. The carnage was dreadful to behold, while only metres away a formal night's entertainment continued blithely and carelessly.


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    1. Thanks ... and I love the girl in the background of the zombie pic just staying well out of the way.