Monday, 25 February 2013

still hoping to sew for victory

I located my vintage copy pattern in the stash, I'd even managed to put it away properly!  What a surprise to me.

I'd started copying the pattern pieces already, thank goodness, and I need to make a mockup of the bodice more than of the skirt. I'll need to check body length (I'm so short from shoulders to waist), and increase the cuppage for my genetic gift. I'll need to decide fi I'll swing any of the extra into the yoke gathers, or leave it as a new side dart.

The skirt I can flat measure and know if it'll fit or need a minor tinker.

I had a moment of insanity where I wanted to pipe the yoke & neck line but I managed to remind myself that I need to enjoy this, and that I don't have enough spoons to fiddle-faddle around


  1. hooray! I'm still hoping to sew for victory... I think I even have something cut out.

    Although, I also want to make something for the Evadress competition, and the thing cut out ISN'T an evadress pattern. -huff-

    But I DO have a plan for the comp and I think it'll be awesome.. :)

  2. You're well ahead of me then! I think I know where the thread is but I'll need to get a zipper. (pffft to hand sewing ball & socket snaps).

    Looking fwd to seeing your dresssss