Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sydney sewing blogger's social

Saturday!  just for some sibilance of ssssss's.

I popped into the first one, back when my gallbladder first arced up, and the next one is this Saturday.  Details on little betty designs blog.  Again I may fade before the afternoon is over, but I'm giving it a red hot go to stick the afternoon out.

To add to my woes, last Wednesday I thought a mosquito had munched on me during the night, but it turns out that no it's spider bites. Eleven on my left arm on Wednesday night, and about 6 on the right arm & 6 on the left leg on Thursday night.  None since, thank goodness.  I'm off to see the Dr later today as the ones on my left leg are starting to look even worse, not better.


  1. Ouchies. Just doesn't want to go right, does it?!

  2. Yesterday I was over being me. Not for long, but I figure I'm allow moments like that seeing as I'm relentlessly optimistic the rest of the time

  3. Hi Ista. I have just come across your blog and noticed that you are having problems with your gallbladder. I feel for you. I had problems too a couple of years ago but mine was part of a larger problem. Please keep up with your surgeon checks and perhaps be like me and use sewing and crafts as a way to relax. All the best

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts. My gall bladder problems may go back 5 years, but I had atypical symptoms. I'm so looking forward to the other side of surgery. Most of the time I feel too unwell to do much.