Monday, 3 October 2016

Possibly moving home well before December

My aim was to move before December, and I made two Saturday trips out to walk around the suburbs I was thinking of moving to, and get an idea of which I'd prefer.

The pocket of streets that I'm looking at got narrowed down, partly due to local shops and getting to/from the station AND the massive hedge in blossom early in one cul-de-sac that would = dreadful hayfever. Given my body can over-react to pollen allergies with asthmatic-bronchitis there's no way I could afford to live with or even walk past that hedge twice a day. It was so large you couldn't even see the block of apartments behind it. Nuh-uh.No way.

On Saturday I went to a viewing of a flat/unit/apartment that I could see myself living in. It's in that  smallish area that has some units, some town houses and about half are houses. I liked it enough to see myself living in it so I'm applying by email tomorrow. There's a chance that another one that I like won't become available in the next 2 months, so why wait for the sake of waiting. I don't have a scanner at home, so I'll send it all through from work first thing. If I get it, then I'll move in a couple of weeks not a couple of months.  It's quite a jump across the city, so I made sure to chat with the real estate agent explaining that I know the area enough (my grandad lived in the next suburb when he was alive). I'm on the train out here more than anywhere else (other than my sewing guild group) and my friends are all near here & the blueys (mountains). I also managed to slip in that I'm allergic to cats. Sad but true these days.

I mentioned that I sew a lot so that I want a separate sewing room ... and she responded that she sews on her dining room table. I've also checked out sewing guild groups, and there is a local group but it meets on a week day, so that's a bust. Getting to my current group is feasible, it's not to difficult so long as I'm organised. Getting to Rhodes (my original and now sometimes group) would take longer despite being geographically closer.  There's another couple of groups that i can try going different days but there's a long wait between train & bus, so we'll see. I get as much from the social aspect as the productivity so its in the 'see how it works out' basket.

Fingers crossed that I don't melt my brain if I'm packing everything up to move in the next 2-3 weeks.


  1. I hope you get the flat and that the move goes smoothly. You are lucky to have so many groups near you. I think my closest is about 150km away

    1. It'll take over an hour each way by train+bus, but I'm relieved that it's do-able. The vast majority of ASG groups in Sydney are weekday, which don't help those who work Mon>Fri. There's one about 1km away, and I can't go to it.

  2. I'm still so excited, and I can't wait to come visit... :D