Friday, 28 October 2016

Fresh paint & carpet

I remembered at last that I took a photo last Saturday when I'd moved the sewing tables & machines out to the new place. I managed to leave the overlocker cover at my old home so used a green supermarket bag over the top as a dustcover.

The curtain rods are also in the wardrobe so I'll have to put them back so I can hang curtains. The bedroom I'm sleeping in will be my first priority, and I'll need to make curtains for my sewing room and lounge.

I was waiting til I moved to buy curtain fabric until I remembered that I have some rayon faille curtaining left over from my Sleepy Hollow costume a couple of years ago.  I bought a 9.8metre piece listed on ebay, as it was cheaper than buying 3-4 yards of silk for the costume, and nothing else had come close enough. Actually it was cheaper than buying 2 yards of silk taffeta so I'm sure the approx 7 metres I have left will be ideal for the window/doors onto the balcony from the lounge and also for the sewing room. Pale blue/green goes with chocolate and cream as far as I'm concerned.

The movers are booked for Wednesday so I need to keep building that wall of boxes - it's getting fort like rather than wall.

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