Thursday, 6 October 2016

Packing+moving this month, no time for sewing

I got the place on a 1 year lease :) I'm hoping to paint this Saturday and I have approval to do that. It's better to paint now as the carpet may be replaced next week. I have to give 21 days notice where I am, as my lease has expired (& that was approx 17 years ago LOL). 

The new place is right across the other side of Sydney, in Werrington so very outer suburbia compared to inner city where I've lived most of my 28 years here. But so much more space at the same price. Rent + commute total is about 30 a week more, but I'll have space to have friends over for dinner unlike here where 1 guest is the comfort limit. A dedicated sewing room (using the larger bedroom), as well as my own bedroom, an internal laundry and a pocket balcony. 

It gives me time to pack & possibly get to the steampunk day the following weekend. I'll see how it all goes, cos that may be an over-reach.

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