Friday, 11 November 2016

Plodding through the moving stages

I'm half moved to my new home. That is my living area has completely moved and the store-room I have/had at the old building is yet to move. I literally ran out of boxes to pack stuff in, and their truck also ran out of space for the downstairs stuff.  Paddington is full of narrow streets, having evolved in the pre-motor vehicle era so the big trucks don't really fit. My old street was technically a 2 way dead end street, but only one car could drive up or down with no room for a car going in the opposite direction.

So, I've unpacked enough boxes to finish packing the stash stuff. The fabric is 95% packed but the patterns and small tubs of notions aren't yet.  I also have a pile of stuff to cull, and I've not yet decided if I cull before or after packing.  Part of me says before. The rest says "eh do it in comfort at the new place. Just get out of here".

I'm getting antsy to sew, and will get a fix by visiting my sewing guild group on Saturday morning. I miss my people.

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