Friday, 29 July 2016

an organising project - folding fabric to fit

A few months ago my friend Abi re-organised her fabric stash by following this tutorial or how-to by I Always Pick The Thimble

I probably won't take or at least share any 'before' photos, but I'll see how it goes. I'd already measured the shelves in my 4 identical cupboards  but forgot to write down the details, so last night I did it again and made a note - they're 39cm deep and 41.5cm wide.

I also went to tackle the last step of fixing my pattern drawers - attaching the replacement running tracks to the frame, and then the drawers to the tracks.  I found out why I gave up back then (where back then is longer than I care to admit).  The screws they sent out with the tracks are the wrong size. The head of the screw is larger than the originals  - which I carefully put somewhere safe. So safe I can't find them.  I realised when I detached the only original broken runner still in the drawers. Comparing the 2 explained why I couldnt recess the screws enough for the runners to move. It was sticking and not working. 

UGH. So I have the right & wrong ones in an old film canister, ready to take to Ikea on the weekend.

Updating to add that I do have a couple of photos of when I first moved fabric from the plastic tubs to the single door cupboards. Some shelves are much messier now as this was taken in January 2012 (4.5 years ago)


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