Tuesday, 26 July 2016

wanting to prioritise a casual wear dress over work clothes

Several months ago - possibly even late last year - I saw a mermaid print fabric online, that I thought would be wonderful in a casual wear dress.  I googled it and found it came in 3 different colour ways, and loved the darkest version.

Finding yardage (not a half yard piece) was trickier than I expected, but I found it at Never Enough Fabric in California.  I got great customer service & communication from them too.

The only glitch in my plan - is entirely my error. Despite knowing that the States use imperial not metric measures I didn't realise the scale of the print because I saw the ruler on the website image (which isn't the one above) and thought it was centimetres not inches hence the print is 2.5 times the size I anticipated. I thought it was hawaiian shirt size, not this scale:

Not quite as subtle as I'd thought, but I'm still going to use it, and carefully place the bodice pieces on the yardage.

I found this blogger who's made a dress using a similarly scaled Alexander Henry pin up print

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