Monday, 10 November 2014

Sleepwear patterns added to the stash.

I've added three sleepwear patterns to my stash, and only one was on sale. That's how committed I was to getting my hands on them.

Both the Burda vintage nightie #7109, and the Simplicity 1950s bra top #1426 I mentioned in my previous November MAGAM post are now near the top of my pattern pile, and I'm letting my subconscious ponder how to do an FBA on the Simplicity pattern. I may have to slash, spread, dart and then mock up for a fitting (wearing it over an actual bra). Possibly even 2 mock ups.

The unplanned addition is McCall's 6250, and I'm not even sure why I bought it for View D, except that I was on the hunt for sleepwear patterns and it managed to fit my criteria (and the pattern I really wanted S1426 was sold out in that store).

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