Thursday, 13 November 2014

9 Days of vermin eradication

I've not had a chance to sew in the past week or so. Tuesday last week I picked up a flea - either walking through Hyde Park, in the cinema or in the garden outside my building (to retrieve dropped mail). Anyway it (or them) thought I was a tasty, tasty treat to feast on. Finally I think that's all over, but with approx 40 bites (approx 17 per leg and 3-4 per arm) it was a relentless wee beastie/s.

Since then I've been in a pit of laundry & vacuuming to eradicate it. Vacuuming everything every 2nd day & immediately disposing of the vacuum bag in the outside bin. Plus the use of flea powder (from Bunnings).

I even got bitten while I stripped my bed of everything, including the clean laundry I'd done & dumped on the end of my bed on Monday evening but not put away yet. Plus fabric I'd brought upstairs to sew for summer & was next to my bed. And the winter blankets that I'd got back out of storage after the last cold snap. My winter underblanket and the summer one that I'd just got out to swap over. Everything got carefully tied up in heavy black garbage bags until I could get through the loads. Paranoidly adding Bosisto's dust mite wash to each load, cos while I'm on a death-to-fleas spree I might as well aim for any dust mites too.

Last Saturday was great for getting through most of the blankets - hot, enough wind to be useful, sunny and no showers!

More of the other tenants in my building now hang their laundry up to dry, rather than use the dryers. Previously it was only me an another couple of people who did, but what it's meant this week is that my rate of laundry washing/drying is slower than I'd like. I still have 1 wool blanket bagged up, it's one I crocheted about 20 years ago so pretty heavy, and hard to dry easily. I need a sunny/warm/windy day with no thunderstorm predicted in the afternoon to get it done. Not this weekend then! The price to pay for preferring wool, I guess.

It has felt like an overwhelming process, and I mumbled to myself about future-me putting laundry away immediately, and not getting out more fabric than I can use for the next 1-2 projects.

I still have some winter skirts to handwash (ziplock bagged up) and my UFO sewing projects to work through. Most of those were already in individual zip lock bags, so they're piled up demanding some attention.

On the positive side of things, I'd wanted to spring clean and definitely had enough motivation to get it done fast!

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