Monday, 10 November 2014

Inspired to crochet 1930s hats

I've been watching the blog Advanced Style for a couple or more years now, though not obessively. So when I heard there was a documentary I knew it was on my Must See list.

I told my friend C about it & we saw it on Saturday morning. For a while I've been mumbling to any friend who'll listen that I want to upgrade my wardrobe to have a 1930s influence, and whining that everything is wearing out.

Seeing the documentary was either going to crush or inspire, and thankfully it's been inspiring. Although I'm already in the age group he photographes *whimpers*.

I loved the 90+ year old woman who hadn't been telling her art students what her age was. When asked she'd answer "somewhere between 50 and death". LOL

So, I need to actively do something about my clothes, but also my accessories. Cos I tend to forget them and I shouldn't. After watching the doco, we went up the road and looked in a charity shop where I bought a cotton beret. Wrong colour for me, but if it dyes that's great. And if it doesn't dye well at least it gives me something to aim for. To be worn on the back of my head, not the top/front.

Buying it conceived in me a passion for 1930s crochet hats, and thankfully etsy has a plethora of PDF patterns to buy/download. I think I need this set of jaunty 1930s hats, and this cloche (?).

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