Wednesday, 1 October 2014

spring has sprung - I'm feeling more like a happy baa lamb

It's the 2nd month of spring, but it finally feels like it. Sunny days, and a couple of hot ones too! (33C + not humid + sunny = happy me)

Also, I've been happier with photos of me at a couple events - which I need to post about very soon. I may need to be more selective in styles I wear to feel this way (both real life and costume) but I no longer want to cry at the thought of getting my photo taken.

This weekend I road trip with a Canberran friend to meet another costume buddy from Adelaide in Bendigo. We planned it months ago and finally get to see the V&A underwear exhibition! The somewhat hilarious news is that the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney recently announced their new program of exhibits includes an underwear exhibition from the V&A. All the LOLs that I'm travelling 10-11 hours each way (not flying), for something that is going to be in my home town. Probably next year. It's going to Brissie (12Nov-1Feb) after Bendigo, so presumeably it'll come to Sydney before leaving the country again. But perhaps not, as the PHM gave no dates but announced they had a 4-year schedule including menswear from LACMA.

So, I might finally be out of my fat-funk, and over my winter-blerghs and ready to face the world again with a happy smiling face.


  1. Nothing like Spring in the air to bring a smile to the face.

    1. I usually love autumn more than spring, but this year I'm just HAPPY to have balmy sunny days.