Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A case of the blahs, and it could be winter's fault

I've been aware for quite a long time that I get a mild case of SAD by the end of every winter. And the year it rained all summer I had it then too because there wasn't enough sunlight hours for me to have enough happy chems in my body.

I'm being a bit careful because since my gall-bladder went homicidal not long after I became lactose intolerant I'm also chronically low in Vitamin D - before I never was. As I'm at the lowest end of OK with (1) mid summer and (2) a daily supplement, then I think it's time to increase my Vit D cos last night I had the blahs and went to bed simply to avoid feeling that way. Vit D deficiency is also linked to depression so I don't want to risk the combined glums cos of SAD PLUS low VitD. It takes months of dietary supplements to affect blood levels so I probably should have started before mid-winter.

I'm seeing a movie tonight & tomorrow night, so won't get to sew my robot print nightie before the weekend.


  1. Oh no! Do take care okay? I'm sending you some good vibes and warm thoughts. *super duper huggums*

    1. Don't worry, I'm pretty proactive about it & will make sure to get sunshine at lunchtime ... hate leaving work as the sun is setting. How did i manage in London for 3 winters watching sunrise on the train to work & leaving in the pitch black??