Tuesday, 29 April 2014

sifting through a couple of hundred (or more) photos before posting

I actually made my MAGAM garment for April - need to post about it once I've got the photo ready to upload.

I also have lots of photos from JAFA and Ironfest, and I bought an extra 1gb of internet data so that I can to it while I remember to.

On the everyday garment sewing side of things, I'm reviewing my stash spreadsheets and selecting fabric for winter skirts and some trans-seasonal blouses. I'd very much like to use the Hot Patterns 1063, Deco Vibe Flippy Skirt. I've had the pattern a number of years - deliberately forgetting exactly how many. However it'll take 3 metres of 150cm wide, which is a bit hungry of it. Fairly sure that my already stashed, drapable yardage is all around 2m. I don't particularly want to buy another piece of fabric. What I ought to do first is mock it up and see if it suits me or not. Cos if it doesn't, everything else is moot.

Later this month I've got a weekend sewing retreat - so I need to have planned & cut out projects suitable for 2 nights & 2 days of sewing. I'm taking my UFO blouses, and my UFO brown wool skirt (presuming I don't finish it before then). Plus I'm thinking of taking my 1970's knit wrap dress pattern. I have the monkeys on green to use as mockup and the viscose lycra knit for the real thing.

Are my eyes bigger than my stomach when it comes to achievable projects??

Maybe I should also take my UFO early 1800s open robe. It's pretty close to finishable. But, BUT ... I need a decent working wardrobe for this winter. A much higher priority.

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