Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I've not disappeared entirely

I was especting to post again much earlier than this, but I got lured into the time-sucking-pit of JAFA sewing ... the weekend before Easter I was at the aussie Jane Austen Festival in Canberra, and somehow ended up with half made and unmade costumes to sew while I was there.

I haven't even looked at all my photos yet - but I've seen my friend's photos and will be doing a couple of posts once I've got myself sorted out.

I took my netbook with me but didn't even turn it on once! It was really nice to have a proper break from real life.

My March MAGAM short gown project didn't get finished. I took the pragmatic approach that there was less work involved in finishing my UFO bib front gown, that's about 4 years old. I also realised that I really really cared about having a chemisette (a false blouse for filling in necklines during for daywear). I cared more about that than getting the short gown finished - as I had daywear clothing that fit.

When I got back I discovered that somehow I'd used up my entire months data allowance in 4 days - I think something in the background was constantly refreshing and as I was home sick my netbook was on and byebye data.

I'll get myself organised to top it up this week so that I can post photos from JAFA, and also this weekend's Ironfest in Lithgow (www.ironfest.net).

I do have an April MAGAM plan, but as I don't have a photo of the fabric I can't yet post it ... but Winter is Coming!

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