Wednesday, 2 April 2014

a delay in finishing my short gown ensemble

I'm having to take a delay in finishing the shortgown set - about which I'm not happy.

The reason is that the stays I wear under it don't fit, so I'm having to make a larger, quick & dirty version of them to wear at JAFA which is just over a week away. So yes, very not happy.

Until the stay are on, I can't tell if the bodice will fit. And if the bodice doesn't fit I will have to unpick the waist seam at the sides, unpick the sleeves which are inserted and insert a gusset at underarm.

Until the stays are finished I can't tell if any of the other clothes I already have for it will fit either. I may go from being well dressed to being shabbily dressed.

My desire for a new red wook cloak will be put on hold I think, as I need other things more. boooo Hisssss to the genetic lottery that makes me fat. (If you think I'm deluding myself about it being endocrine related and not diet/exercise, well I can give you the names of both my specialists who've empathised while they told me this. Mind you, you can pay the hundreds the apppointments with them will cost. For some things there is no cure, and for others there's not even a best practise treatment).

So a cotton drill machine sewn stays, is almost complete. I'm adding the metal grommets tonight, so long as I remember to get white cable ties (to use as flexible boning at the centre back) from Officeworks on my way home.

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