Wednesday, 7 August 2013

switch my focus to work clothing

I found out yesterday that my job will finish on the 23rd of this month, 2.5 weeks from now. It's not even 4 months into my 12 month contract so I'm definitely disappointed that I couldn't get another role in the organisation once my boss has left. As I'm likely to be interviewing (and probably temping again) my working wardrobe needs sprucing up, so I'm going to have to focus mainly on Real Life (TM) clothing. First I'll finish my UFO Decades of Style skirt, as half cut out is closer to finished than not cut out projects. Also the UFO DoS matinee blouse. The 2 cut out shirts that I was going to pay a friend to finish will need to be done by me as she's moving cities and probably won't have time to do them. so although they're mojo-less they're at least cut out.

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