Friday, 9 August 2013

my work clothing UFO list

I've got 5 items of work clothing started and incomplete, and this list is in order of preference.

Work clothing UFOs
blue linen/rayon herringbone 1930s skirt - half cut out
Decades of Style 1930s matinee blouse - 80% sewn
aqua knit top - cut out
paisley self drafted pattern - 50% sewn
teal knit top - half sewn

I really need another couple of skirts at least and more tops ... I don't think that last one is going to be suitable. IE a bit lightweight on it's own and summer gets too hot+humid for me to wear camisoles as well as a top.

But I'll focus on finishing these this month and see what I can think up that's vintage inspired while still being professional work clothes.

Edited to add: I've got 2 retro Butterick patterns that I'm going to make. 6700,for which I may use a knit fabric (a 3/4 sleeved version of the blue (no ruffles on my hips) and 6701 with 3/4 sleeves again .... I'm looking forward to sewing something new.


  1. I'd love the see the matinee blouse in real life and a herringbone skirt will be very corporate.

    1. You'll get to see them both. I dithered over teh matinee blouse as I'd like to use the fancy sleeve but I don't really like long sleeves. A contradiction that has lead to extended procrastination.