Friday, 16 August 2013

my Easter Egg Costume

Around 4 years ago, Spotlight had a cotton poplin with a small repeating print (black lines on white) that I and a few other costumers grabbed in excitement. It told me it wanted to be a regency dress - small repeating motif - but I didn't quite have anything else in mind.

A couple of weeks before Steamfest I had the flash of inspiration to make a bib-front regency gown using the c1798-1805 morning dress pattern in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1. Because I'd already mocked up & used the pattern I knew I could make it quickly.

My discovery of Trevithick's horseless steam carriage of 1803 - that he drove 70 miles to the coast to ship to London - made it clear that for me at least, steampunk could be earlier than Victoria's reign.

I raised the back neckline of the bodice 1" as my stays aren't completely covered, oopsie, and they're already made.

I made this in 1 crazy evening, from cutting out to done by 2.30am. I really love it and felt so comfortable wearing it.

Here's the back of the gown - which I pleated instead of gathering & pleating.
And the front - I used 2 black brooches instead of buttons or pinning it.

So what makes this my Easter Egg Challenge .... the print that only a couple of people noticed when I first wore the dress.

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  1. Yes! The first ECCostume!
    This is so great! :-D