Saturday, 24 November 2012

Not the best of years

Turns out I've had another health problem all year that's just flared up ... gall bladder issues.

Now most people with gallstones have no problems, and when I say most it's around 70% are hassle free.  I found out from my ultrasound & CT scans earlier this year (for other issues) that I had them and the reason for the scans was tickety-boo fine but BTW gallstones.  Even the more problematic lady-parts ultrasound at the end said BTW gallstones. (What the???  how are they even close!!!!)

Anyhoo, it turns out that the reason all year that  I've (1) had days off my food (the sushi a month or so ago wasn't not-right, it was me) and that (2) off & on when I've gone to bed I flopped around like a dying fish cos of a whingy ache-not-pain around my right shoulder blade is all because my gall bladder decided it was unhappy. I've had no other more common pain or signs.

I think I've avoided hospital for this year, but at least even though it's only a matter of time, it's not as likely to be a sudden emergency when it happens.

I'm hoping my energy levels will be better and I'll get some actual sewing done and therefore have content to blog about.

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