Friday, 11 May 2018

my lack of posting is from, UGH tendon

I've done zero beading or sewing since Easter, and sulked a lot too.

Having a new mattress has been great and helped me sleep better and my ankle tendonitis finally stop flaring up.  However the turn the mattress frequently in the first few months resulted in me getting not tennis elbow, but tendonitis in another tendon near my right elbow. The same result being that I've had to let it rest and recover. It's finally calmed down enough that I can start sewing all the things I need for my costume events in the USA.  I've some new and some half made things to finish between now and then.

This week, final version of my regency stays, and starting the journey on my corded petticoat.  I plan to have two sewing machines set up, so that I can leave one threaded in white for the corded petticoat.  I'll sew a row a day on that project while still sewing other things for the events.

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