Thursday, 22 March 2018

progress with my weedy beading project

I'm loving the weedy seadragon, although I hit a snag when the background blue was too distracting from the beastie itself. The sudden change is how the light was in the photograph used for my custom pattern, but it just wasn't working as a beaded design.

I had to very slowly undo around 30 rows as there was a trail of the darker blue along the fins that I needed to also work back to. Undoing this was slower than making it, as the body is what I refer to as 'alphabet soup' due to the close colours in the pattern. I had to add the beads back to their respective work piles one or 2 at a time, as some are so close that with my imperfect sight, even with my close work specs on it takes a magnifying light to separate them accurately.

I looked at the colours in my stash for the next couple of projects (Van Gogh's Starry Night, and a beach scene) and found a galvanised dark aqua that works well. I will need to buy more to finish this cuff bracelet and for the project that it's from, and all the work undoing the rows was well worth it.

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