Monday, 28 May 2018

Using the gifted button stash

I reminded myself to shop from the vintage button stash I was gifted by re-enactor friends. I have 3 sets, his mum's stash (that I got a few weeks ago) and her mum's 2 stashes that I got last year.    

The martini print fabric that I'm finishing to wear at CoCo - using a different bodice pattern - was incredibly difficult to find buttons for 18 months ago, and now I'm using a different bodice that uses more than 1 button.  I was going to psych myself to catch trains at lunchtime to go to Buttons Buttons Buttons at the Dymocks Building but reminded myself to look in the stash buttons first.

I looked in the 1940-1965 buttons and there were 3 that I really liked, but the 2 larger button designs are all in the photo and I need more than 1 or 2 for this bodice.  The other button has more than enough so I'm really excited to use them.

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