Thursday, 8 March 2018

An expedition to the sewing room approaches

I need to tackle the mess that is my sewing room. I dumped sewing stuff - unfinished projects and ephemera that I came across as I unpacked my less than strategic moving boxes.  It looks like that exploded or was tossed by burglars so the room isn't functional.

I also need to find my cotton drill to mock up my regency stays, and find the semi-firm cotton organdy that I bought about 5 years ago to make a corded petticoat.  When I was tempted to re-buy both rather than face the sewing room I knew it was ridiculous.  Especially given I'm on a fabric diet and trying to downsize my stash by using it. So this Saturday I'm going in and told a friend I may need an emergency evacuation team by late afternoon.  There may or may not be before and after photos.

I've started my next beaded cuff bracelet - this is wider and of a weedy seadragon (in the seahorse family) and native to Sydney harbour.  I custom ordered the pattern from an Etsy seller who's patterns I've bought and will use, although after this is finished.  It has 22 colours, and I stuck labels to the lids so it's easier on my brain when I need to get the next colour out of a tube.

I've got about 12 at a time out on my work tray, and am enjoying working on it.

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